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more morphic performance

Previously in morphic performance I benchmarked different actions in Squeak Smalltalk for creating, hiding, showing and deleting morphs in Squeak. On [squeak-dev] Herbert Konig wrote: “Juan Vuletich has done a great job at simplifying cleaning and speeding up his version … Continue reading

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wordpress shared hosting performance

It’s the second week of running WordPress, so I’ve been trialing a few plugins…  Suddenly, about half the time I do anything I get “Apologies, but the page you requested could not be found.” The page loads fine the second … Continue reading

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morphic performance

For my postgrad dissertation I’ve decided to program an engineering design tool.  I’d like to focus more on the application domain rather than the programming minutiae.  Based purely on gut feel from a long-held but unproven belief, I’ve selected Smalltalk … Continue reading

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