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Analysing SignalR with Wireshark & Pharo

I’m trying to hook Pharo into the real-time order book feed from the Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange, which comes via the signalr protocol on top of a websocket connection. Signalr is a Microsoft ASP.NET library designed to establish “persistent connections”. To … Continue reading

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Pharo v. Cloudflare ==> CloudflareUn

In my pursuit to connect Pharo to the realtime order book feed of the Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange there are two main challenges: It uses Microsoft’s signalr protocol. The site is guarded by Cloudflare, which requires a Javascript puzzle to be … Continue reading

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Pharo PDF Rendering, part 2, UFFI interfacing PDFium

Following on from Part 1 where we built PDFium from source into a shared library, we will replicate in Pharo the C example presented at the end of Part 1.  Lets review the  declaration prototypes of the function used, which we’ll … Continue reading

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Pharo PDF Rendering, part 1, building PDFium

Background For a while now I’ve been wanting to render PDFs inside Pharo.  A few external libraries existed but none had suitable licenses.  Recently I bumped into PDFium – the Foxit renderer open sourced by Google out of Chrome for … Continue reading

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An evening with Pharo and the ESP32 microcontroller

Two popular choices for controlling maker projects have been are the Arduino and Raspberry Pi. The Pi is a micro-“computer” that runs Linux to operate as a low powered desktop computer.  The Arduino is a much lower powered micro-“controller” that … Continue reading

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Windows 7 Pharo DBXTalk – “my hack”

Having just got ConfigurationOfODBC working from Pharo Smalltalk, I had some trouble determining exactly how to get at the individual data items.  So I thought I’d check out DBXTalk for comparison.  DBXTalk is a lot more comprehensive solution leaveraging OpenDBX … Continue reading

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Pharo 1.3 ODBC working on Windows 7

Wow. Eight months since my last post.  It is now apparent the impact over that time of my 60-70 hour work week onsite at a mine expansion. This post summarises the result of discussion on the pharo-project mailling list where … Continue reading

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performance testing spreadsheet

For anyone anyone so inclined to replicate the results, or update the results for subsequent releases of the Smalltalk systems, the linked spreadsheet Squeak Graphics Framework Performance Testing.ODF was used to generate the graphs in these articles: You … Continue reading

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