There is more to privacy nowadays than spam.  It is more about data aggregation and profile building.  I’m not in a position to develop an overly sophisticated policy.  This is more a record of general intent and philosophy for the community and administators alike.

Simple things first…   Spam is rude and we will not contribute to it.  Your email is used to confirm you are a real person, as a measure of protection against automated spambots.  Any personal information you supply will not be shared outside openInWorld.

If advertising appears on the site, it will likely be a third party that uses tracking cookies to serve ads based on other sites you visit.   That is the harsh reality of today’s web.  There should be various means of opting-out or blocking these that are compatible with the site (which I could report on later.)

Occasional unsolicited emails may arise from site administration, but this should be infrequent – less than once a month – if any.  As time permits, the aim is to adhere to the the principles in Best Practice for Online Service Providers from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

What do you think of the site privacy policy - Apr 2011 ? (choose two)

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